2018Advertising Program- Track Signage

Ashmore BMX Club was established in 1980 and has seen much success over the past 30 years including hosting the largest Australia BMX Championship with more than 1700 riders in 1983. The club current membership base is of over 250 members with member ages ranging from 3-60 yo. The club is utilized every week throughout the whole year by the rider members and their families.

Ashmore BMX Club in 2013 had many successes through state, national and world title events with more than 15 World Qualifiers, 15 Top 8 Australian, and 6 top 8 world title holders among some of the success. The club is renowned for its coaching programs which are run through- out the week with more than 100 riders training at the structured coaching. We are currently the State Club Champions as we obtained over 40 Qld Plates (top 8) at the 2013 State Championships.

Track Usage:

The facility is currently an open track facility utilised not only by the member riders, several large scale race meets held by the club but also by the general public who utilise the track throughout the year. We currently estimate more than 20,000 people utilise the track throughout the year and in most cases through the weekend.

2017/18 Advertising Stats

  • 20,000 people utilise the track throughout the year.
  • 4,000 people attend several events hosted by the club each year.
  • 250 Club Members utilise the club throughout the year.
  • More than 500 total member coverage including family members.
  • 100 riders attending coaching each week.
  • Facebook activity includes over 2400 followers.
  • Our facebook Demographic 45% woman 54% Men
  • 25 – 34 year age bracket makes up 105 of our followers
  • 21% of woman and 19% of men that follow our page are aged between 35 – 44.
  • Opportunity for Website co-branding and linking.
  • Social media cross promotions available.

Advertising Opportunity:
Build your business awareness through specifically located advertising around the track precinct in various locations and signage sizing.

Package Inclusions:

1. Signage rights for 12 months.
2. Details on Sponsorship page on website
3. Links to facebook.
4. Special Offers and promotions to club members and affiliates.

Package Options:
1. Fence 1: 2040 x 610mm Fence line signage = $400 per annum per panel (12x Panels avail)
2. Fence 2: 1840 x 1220mm Fence Corner signage = $700 per annum per panel (6x panels avail)
3. Feature 1: 1250 x 600 Finish Line Signage = $600 per annum per panel (4x panels avail)
4. Feature 2: (Prime Location): 1250 x 750 Start Hill Signage = $1300 per annum per side


Production Costs: Price on Application

Social Media Promotions:

  1. Weekly Face book and instagram posts = $150 per month
  2. Fortnightly Facebook and Instagram posts = $75 per month. This  includes any goods or services provided for the club, we will promote your bussiness / product.

What you are supporting?
Ashmore BMX Club is a not for profit club that facilitates projects through initiatives such as sponsored advertising programs, accessing funding through grant initiatives and through the club annual turnover. As an integral part of the funding initiatives you will provide support to a range of key areas and projects.


Funding support initiatives support club facility upgrades, club sponsored coaching programs, rider development programs, operational funding support and promoting and advertising to increase membership.

Ashmore BMX Club: Face Book  private message : Ashmore Bmx Club or email:
or Glenn   ( club Secretary )0435381040