Club Operation


Many Hands make light work

It is not one person or single group of people responsible to ensure the club is operating but rather equal responsibility of all members to ensure the club functions and operates in accordance with the Rules of Operation and is ultimately successful.

Eg: If a club night is cancelled because there is no First Aid available then all who are involved in the club are responsible for this happening.

The club currently operates with a committee which is required as a not-for-profit club however the committee welcome the input from all members. The club currently runs monthly meetings on a Tuesday night where by the committee table an agenda and we encourage all members to attend and to offer input towards the club operation.


Various meetings are held throughout the year and all members will be notified of up & coming meeting in advance through announcements on training and club nights and also posted in the events section on the facebook page. All are welcome to attend these meetings.

Members Meetings

Ashmore BMX has chosen to run members meetings as opposed to closed committee meetings which mean any financial member of the club can attend and offer input to the clubs operation and planning.

The club committee meets once a month on a Tuesday night.  Please speak to a Committee member or visit the facebook and web sites for scheduled meetings.

Visitors are welcome to attend.  If you have any grievances, complaints, good ideas or comments about any matter affecting the riders let the committee know.

Annual General Meeting

It is the duty of every member to attend this meeting.  Every member should participate in the election of the committee, which will be running the affairs of the club for the year.

Every member is entitled to have a vote as long as that member is 18yrs and above. And as long as there membership is current as per the constitution. The Annual meeting is held in October of each year.