Tax Deductible Donations

Ashmore BMX Club Facility Upgrade Project- Donation Form 2013 

Ashmore BMX Club, with the support of the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), is seeking to raise more than $122,000 to upgrade the facility which is not only utilised by members but regional riders and local community who frequent the track on weekends and during holidays. The track is highly utilised with more than 20,000 visitors and locals accessing and using the facilities each year.

As a not-for-profit organisation we rely on sponsorship, grants and donations to survive and took the opportunity to register with the ASF and through their program can now offer businesses the opportunity to donate cash towards a great cause with the added benefits of it being a tax deductible donation.

Current Projects Required Funding:
1. Start Hill & Gate System– New and improved 5m start hill including gate system to meet current national standards;
2. Track- Upgrading corners to bitumen berms as per current standards;
3. Track Resurfacing- this is a constant battle especially with the current weather issues and the track requires constant maintenance in order to maintain it to a good standard that is safe for all level of riders.

If you would like to support Ashmore BMX Club Facility Upgrade project please consider making a donation to the ASF using our Donation Form 2013.

How the Australian Sports Foundation
can assist our club in raising money for sport

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) was established by the Australian Government and operates the Sport Incentive Program which assists eligible organisations to raise funds for sport-related projects through tax deductible donations.

How tax deductibility helps sport

Typically, funding for sport comes from a variety of sources, including federal, state and local governments; sponsors; members’ subscriptions; loans; sales; grants; and various fundraising activities. The ASF can complement these existing sources of sport funding by enabling fundraising for specific value-added purposes with the incentive of tax deductibility.
The ASF is the only organisation that has the ability to assist sport in this manner due to its listing as a deductible gift recipient in the Income Tax Assessment Act. Tax deductibility is an attractive incentive to donors when it comes to giving. Donations in support of registered projects represent the injection of new funds into Australian sport.

In accordance with taxation law, donors:

  • must contribute unconditionally and voluntarily to the ASF
  • must not receive or have any expectation of any benefit, advantage, right or privilege (other than one of an insignificant nature) for their donation (apart from tax deductibility)
  • may nominate an ASF registered project as their preferred beneficiary
  • cannot insist the ASF direct their donation to a specific project
  • should be aware that all claims for a tax deduction are subject to acceptance by the Commissioner of Taxation

Donors who are uncertain of their position are encouraged to obtain professional advice.