24th of July, 2013

New Sponsorship Addition
We would like to make a big shout out to some new sponsors and supporters of the club including Unit Clothing and Six30 Compression garments with a big thanks forthe recent donation of compression garments

6th of May, 2013

Ashmore BMX Club riders achieve great results at National Titles.

Local Gold Coast BMX Club boasts incredible result at the national titles with 5 National Champions and more than 20 club rider members have qualified for the world titles which are held in New Zealand in Late July.

Brisbane held the Australian National BMX Titles from May 1-5 at the international standard track located at the Sleeman Sports Complex at Chandler.

Ashmore BMX Club President Angelo Lauro says “it was an extremely proud weekend for all of us, especially the parents of the kids who got excellent results which included riders as young as 5”.

Lauro says “ We are currently planning to provide additional training- coaching options to support these riders to improve their chances of success at the World Titles”.

The sport has seen huge growth globally with the introduction to BMX in the Olympic Games and was the 5th most watched sport at London Games across the globe.

BMX Australian Titles Results: 13 plate holders & 20 total qualified for world titles with some qualified for more than 1 class.

Molly McGill 1A, Callum Howarth 1A, Craig Fisher 1A, Tyson Kenny 1A.

Justin Lamb 2A; National Series Champ.

Julie Cary 3A (20″)- 6A (24″), Imogen Sweatman 3A, Trent Skinner 3A (20″)- 5A (24″), Isabella Schramm 7A, Adrian Kelsey 6A, Macey Gore 5A, Josh Paddenburg 6A, Michael Jankowski 4A.

World Titles Qualified:

Bailey Mitchell, Bryce Miller, Cody Paddenburg, Zach Crisp, Ben Castle, Emilee Robinson, Branden Lamb.