Club Racing|Times


Club Racing- Training Times:

1. General Training- Every  Monday  6- 7pm beginners,  Tuesday 5pm – 6pm beginners/intermediate, Followed by Mini wheelers and Sprocket Gates 6pm – 6:30 and Open Gates 6:30 – 8pm.  Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30 6:30-7:30 advanced/ elite.Thursday 5pm – 6pm , 6pm -7 pm intermediate/ expert
2. Friday Night Racing- registration from 6pm- 7:15. Racing starts at 7:30pm
Kids can start racing as young as 3 years old.

The club operates throughout the year with approximately 18-20 Friday night club race nights operating through the year which is generally held every second Friday night and operates mainly throughout the school terms.

We currently do not hold club nights on the school holidays and both training and club nights may be cancelled due to bad weather.

Club Racing Nights:

Every second Friday night commencing 1st week of school term.
The Club runs club nights every 2nd Friday night with gates from 6pm 6:45pm and racing starts at 7:30pm sharp. Riders are grouped by age especially sprockets. Sprockets are all riders under the age of 8. They cannot race in older age groups as per bmxa rules and regulations.

It is essential you arrive on time and by 6:30pm at the latest to allow for efficient registration and preparation. Please contact the club on the club phone if you are running late and wish to advise us of your registration details.

Racing commences at 7.30 p.m sharp and is conducted under the rules of BMXA and any club or state policies.  Racing consists of four races called Motos.  There is usually a break after the 3rd Moto.

Riders are grouped by ability rather than by age with the exception going to the sprockets. Sprockets are all riders under the age of 8.

All riders must adhere to all rules and regulations as set out in the respective rule books. All riders must ensure they wear the correct gear and shirts are tucked in.

Open Day Race Days: every club runs several race days throughout the year. Please see the club calendar for the designated race days.

Club canteen is open for drink/snack purchases. Come and meet our friendly team!

Wet Weather on Fridays

If the weather is bad on a Friday that is set down for a club night please follow these procedures:

1.  A decision if to race or not will be made at 5pm.

2.  Contact either the club directly on the clubhouse phone or alternatively check the website or Facebook Page to find out whether racing is on or not.