Join the Club

We welcome all new members and encourage you to join the club and experience a great atmosphere and lots of fun.

Receive 3 free coaching sessions to kick start your training.

There is a real easy economical way to start BMX so dont be afraid to come down and have a chat. We give all new member riders 3 free coaching sessions to kickstart their riding. This is essential to teach the rider basic skills and build confidence. Come down to the club any tuesday night from 5pm with the kids, their current bikes and any safety gear you have. We have some bikes and helmets to borrow if available.


You currently need to become a member of a club and apply for a licence.

1.  Register for a Licence: go the BMXA ONLINE LICENCE PAGE and process directly. You will be required to visit the club for sign off and activation of membership and Licence. If you are a new to BMX Member then select 4 month trial. *Ensure you have birth certificate for proof of age to upload.

2. Club Online Membership Registration-You will be required to fill out and complete the Ashmore BMX online registration ASHMORE BMX ONLINE REGISTRATION when you are a new member, social member or transferring from another club.

3. Come to the Club: Come down on a tuesday night from 5 pm to introduce yourself and activate your membership.

Become a Member

The club has in recent times seen some substantial growth which we believe is based on our reputation as a family based club that has an offering for a rider at all levels whether it be just social or wishing to compete at an elite level.

We strive to offer a happy and positive environment and work towards developing not only the club culture, the facility and the coaching offer so that all rider members have the ability to develop their riding skills and become the best rider they can be.

There are currently several membership options available including:

1. Single Membership- $30: 18 years and over single licence rider, renewal single licence or transferring from another club.
2. Social Single Membership- $35: same as single but designed for those who are a member of another club.
3. Family Membership- $60: under 18 1 or more riders plus parent (if you are registering 1 rider then select this category)
4. Social Family Membership- $70: same as family but you are from another club.

*Social Membership Benefits:
Becoming a social member is generally for those who are already members of other clubs to become a social member of our club. Benefits include: discounted training & coaching days, special discount equipment and gear through our sponsors, invitation to our xmas party and also are eligible for points for series and end of year awards. Visit our online club membership registration site and register .

Becoming a Licensed Rider

There are several requirements you will require to complete and provide to start racing BMX. You will be required to obtain a LICENCE and also become a financial member of the club.

You must also ensure you have read and understood the rules and regulations of racing bmx. You can obtain a copy of all rule books on the BMXA Rules & Regulation Section.

4 Month Trial Licence- $40 with a $20 discount off your full annual licence

This was created to allow for people to try the sport of BMX and to ensure it is something they wish to do. This allows for a rider to attend a club coordinated event for up 4 months for a discounted price. The licence does not allow for regional, state or national title participation. The trial Licence gives riders the opportunity to try BMX racing before becoming a full member. Once completed then you will be required to obtain a Full BMX Licence to continue, in which you will receive a $20 discount off your first year annual licence.

A BMX Licence- What is required.

You require a Licence which costs approx $157 for Open Adult and $137.81 for Sprocket (under 8) which is provided to you by BMX Australia. This is obtained through the club or purchased online as set out above. This includes all state fees.

A licence enables you to race BMX.  You must be a member of a club before you can take out a BMX Licence.  At present the Licence structure is as follows:

Sprocket Licence: for and including riders up to the age of 7 years old

Club Permit Licence: for 8 years and over, but these riders can only compete at their own club nights and gate start nights only. (this means no open days held at that club).

Open Licence: $157.00 (approx) for riders 8 years and over, this Licence enables them to ride anywhere, e.g. Australia and International Events.


The Licence also carries an insurance cover.

Please note: you must be a financial member of the club you hold your licence at.  All licences must be renewed before expiry date there is a late fee charged if your pay after your expiry date. Currently $20 and this is charged by the National body.