Apply for Membership


You currently need to become a member of a club and apply for a licence.

1.  Register for a Licence: go the BMXA ONLINE LICENCE PAGE and process directly. You will be required to visit the club for sign off and activation of membership and Licence. If you are a new to BMX Member then select 4 month trial. *Ensure you have birth certificate for proof of age to upload.

2. Club Online Membership Registration-You will be required to fill out and complete the Ashmore BMX online registration ASHMORE BMX ONLINE REGISTRATION when you are a new member, social member or transferring from another club.

3. Come to the Club: Come down on a tuesday night from 5 pm to introduce yourself and activate your membership.

BMX Australia Membership Headquarters-

Here you can join BMX Australia as a new member, renew your existing membership, update your contact and personal details and enter events (events that support online entry).

Please take a few moments to read through the information below which is provided to help guide you through our online system.

For detailed membership information please visit the membership section of the BMX Australia website.

Please note that not all clubs are currently using the online Membership Headquarters and therefore if your local club is not yet online, please download the membership form and take it along with you to the club for processing.

New Members

To join online you will need to:

  1. Go to Find a Club- select Ashmore BMX
  2. Know what membership category you want to purchase – Membership Categories
  3. Have your Mastercard/Visa details handy
  4. Upload your proof of age in the image upload section (proof of age can also be faxed, emailed or posted into BMX Australia, however your membership will not be processed until the office has sighted this)
  5. Click through to New Registration to join online
  6. Visit the membership section of the BMX Australia website for all the information you need. If you still have a question please contact our Membership Team.
Renewing Members

Please visit the membership section on the BMX Australia website to confirm you are eligible for the category of membership you want to purchase. Then login to renew your membership. Please check your current details are up to date before renewing your membership.

Online payment

Online payment can only be made using a credit/debit card (Mastercard or Visa only). Please note that there is an administration fee (4%) for using the online system which will be automatically added to the cost of your membership.

Important notes about entering your information in the system

Please note the first club listed is the name of the parent state so please do not choose it. e.g. State – BMX ACT, Club – Do not choose BMX ACT again.

When you enter phone numbers please use numerals only. Please put the area code in the first box and the number in the second box. Do not use any other characters. Brackets, symbols, punctuation marks and the like are not valid so please do not use (,#/+ etc. anywhere in the online form. For international numbers please insert 0011 as the international area code.

Dates should be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Please enter only one email address per email text box and double check you are putting the correct address in as we will send your receipt and membership information to this email address.

Information relating to allergies and medical conditions will be available to national, state and club administrators. If you do not want this information to be seen but need to advise us of any condition relevant to your insurance cover please contact the Membership Team to discuss.